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Gordon Sheppard helps leaders make better decisions so they can move their organizations forward.

He is an experienced coach, facilitator, consultant, trainer and speaker who has helped thousands of leaders to improve themselves and their businesses.

Gord specializes in leadership development, facilitating conflict, strategic planning, and process improvement.

He also knows that business is a team sport. That’s why he has built a network of experienced business professionals who can get you the answers you need. From human resources to accounting, recruiting to marketing and more, Gord and his colleagues have got you covered.

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Leadership Coaching

If you are a leader who is ready for honest conversations about how to improve yourself and your business, then hire Gordon Sheppard.

Gord will support you, challenge you, and ask important questions that will help you to grow. He is passionate about leadership development because he understands that strong leaders build strong businesses.

He has more than 25 years of proven business experience, and a MBA from the University of Alberta. He has helped leaders in small business, non-profit and government organizations to reach their goals.

If you want to speak to Gord to learn more about how Leadership Coaching can help you, then get in touch.

Gord also offers the ‘How To Create An Organization Plan’ workshop. Click below for details.

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"We are sincerely grateful for taking us on this journey to figuring out who we WANT to be and HOW we are going to get there! The most important takeaway thus far has been to simplify the short term to achieve some wins and gain momentum! You have a gift for stripping away the noise and just getting to the point of the WHY. Thank You Gord!"
Business Expert Solutions - Holly Pshyk
Holly Pshyk
Director of Marketing & Donor Services, Jerry Forbes Centre

Business Consulting

If you want to improve your business, then hire Gordon Sheppard.

As a Business Consultant Gord has helped leaders to build strategic plans, improve processes, manage projects, develop robust training solutions and more.

He has more than 25 years of proven business experience and an MBA from the University of Alberta. He has consulted with a variety of leaders in small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit and government organizations to help them improve.

To help leaders to be successful he also teaches them how to implement an Organization Plan, which gives them a high level understanding of every aspect of their business.

Then can then use this knowledge to prioritize which areas to work on first, which ultimately leads to overall success for their organizations!

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"Our entire team of 8 thoroughly enjoyed working with Gord. He efficiently brought to our team clear and helpful ways to navigate meetings, a SWOT analysis and the start of a strategic plan. He has an excellent "read" on people and their roles and brings multitudes of idea on how to access information and support from community sources. Well worth the time and money.
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Rosemary McMahon
Program Manager - Edmonton Catholic School Board - LINC Program

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Small & Medium Sized Businesses


Training & Workshops

If you want to practical training & development solutions to help your leaders and staff grow their business skills, then get in touch.

We work with a wide variety of expert trainers who can deliver highly effective professional development training on a wide variety of topics including:

  • Leadership Growth
  • Strategic Planning
  • Effective Meetings
  • Process Improvement
  • How To Develop Online Training Programs and more

Click below to learn more about our Professional Development Workshops

Business Expert Solutions - Gordon Sheppard at the Stollery
Gordon Sheppard was hired to facilitate our strategic planning session, and it was a fantastic experience. He helped guide us through to a more comprehensive and organized plan. He engaged our board and executive with thought provoking questions, which led us to a more defined focus that would allow us to encompass unexpected change in our industry, while still guiding our board and association staff on a path to success.
Cindy Wallace
Cindy Wallace
Member Engagement Specialist, Alberta Association of Registry Agents

Meeting Facilitation

Gordon Sheppard is an experienced Meeting Facilitator who can help your business with:

  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • New product and service development and more

As a proven Meeting Facilitator Gord has worked with business teams, non-profit boards and government organizations.

With more than 25 years of business experience, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration, Gord is able to help you optimize your meetings so you get outstanding results.

Get in touch to find out how Gord professionally facilitate your next meeting.

Business Expert Solutions - Consulting
"If you would like to engage your staff or students in an interactive session, contact Gordon Sheppard. Gord will share valuable information and strategies to make your meetings worthwhile, productive and engaging."
Marg Ralstin​
Manager - Macewan University​

Professional Speaking

Gordon Sheppard is an experienced Professional Speaker who can engage your audience while making them laugh at the same time. His topics include:

Check out Gord’s Professional Speaking page to find out how you to book Gord for your next event.

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Our Expert Network

We work with a strong network of reliable business professionals who can help you solve business problems and take advantage of opportunities.

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Human Resources Experts

We work with a variety of Human Resources Experts to help you address key areas of your business. From performance management, to employee exits to onboarding and more, we’ve go you covered.

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Management Consulting Experts

Our Management Consulting Experts have the skills and proven track record to help you be successful. From strategic planning to process improvement, exit planning to growing profitability, we can help.

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Project Management Experts

Our Project Management colleagues have helped businesses to successfully execute a wide variety of projects. From full IT roll-outs to implementing employee training programs and more, we have an expert who can help.

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Online Digital Experts

Every business needs and effective website. They also need a consistent way to get their message out to their staff and customers. That’s why we work with proven Digital Marketing Experts who can help you grow online.

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Marketing & Branding Experts

Your business has to tell a clear story. This is why we work with exceptional Marketing and Branding Experts who can help you tell your story. Because when you have a clear message then your staff will be more engaged and you’ll get more customers.

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Business Financial Experts

From getting your financial reporting on track to keeping the taxman off your back, we have a network of financial experts who are ready to help. We also have access to some of the best financing experts who can help you figure out how to raise capital.

Gordon Sheppard - Organization Consultant, Leadership Coach, Organization Development Consultant - Business Expert Solutions

Compliance and Policy Experts

Our Policy and Procedure colleagues will help you achieve your goals for regulatory compliance and employee engagement. They provide clear, valid policies, procedures and employee handbooks – all fully customized to your industry, operations and culture.

Gordon Sheppard - Organization Consultant, Leadership Coach, Organization Development Consultant - Business Expert Solutions

IT Experts

Information technology is at the heart of everything we do in business. That’s why we work with IT specialists who can ensure that your information and data is managed in a safe and efficient manner, within a budget that makes sense for your organization.

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AI Experts

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we do business. That’s why we can connect you with AI experts who have the knowledge and experience to customize an approach that will help your business find success in making the most out of your data.