Our Value Proposition

My name is Gordon Sheppard and I am the CEO of Business Expert Solutions Inc.

I had the terrific opportunity to boil down the value proposition of my business into one sentence (with a lot of help from Angela Contardi at the Business Link in Alberta).

Here it is.

"Business Expert Solutions inspires and empowers leaders to take action and transform their organizations with impactful insights, tools, training, support and services from industry experts."
Value Proposition - Business Expert Solutions Inc.

It took a lot of time, soul-searching, and thoughtfulness to come up with this statement. Because the words are so important to me and my clients, I have written this article to explain why I chose them.

"Business Expert Solutions inspires..."

The business leaders I work with are busy and often caught up in small details. I inspire them by helping them remember what is important in their lives and their business, so they can calm down and focus.

Some of the best feedback I get from leaders includes:

  • I’m exercising again!
  • Now there is a lot more laughter in the hallways around this office
  • I now know that I don’t have to get into a fight, but instead I can walk away, calm down and then deal with the situation at the right time

"...and empowers leaders..."

Many business leaders make decisions based on what they know.

In my work, I am able to introduce multiple options and perspectives that they can choose from. This approach helps them to confirm that what they are doing is right, or to consider other possibilities. It also helps them to grow more confident in their decision-making.

I also empower leaders by getting them to examine their current strategy, leadership approach, and business processes, so we can talk about how to improve them.

For example, many organizations don’t have a system to consistently maintain relationships with customers. With that in mind, I’m able to show them how they can manage those relationships in a better way. I also introduce them to the tools they need to do this consistently (CRM, ASM etc.).

"...to take action..."

I have no interest in delivering consulting reports that nobody reads.

I am interested in providing information and advice that helps my clients to take action.

For example, I was recently facilitating a strategic planning session with a board of directors.

At one point I asked them if their organization’s values were real, or just for show.

At first, nobody spoke up.

Then, as we talked about ‘accountability’ they started to have a passionate conversation.

They also talked about how they could communicate that value to encourage all board members to be more accountable (and actually read the information packages before the next meeting).

"...and transform organizations..."

I believe that if your whole organization is strong, then everybody wins.

So, I have honed my craft to be the best organizational consultant and leadership coach that I can be.

I am like Yoda on the shoulder of the leader, guiding them to find the right tools, resources, and inspiration to help them grow their business.

Because when a leader can transform themselves and their team, then they can positively impact their entire organization, their customers, and their community.

"...with impactful insights, tools and training..."

Not only do I invest in consulting and coaching, but I also develop tools and training to help business leaders succeed.

For example, I teach the ‘Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop’ to help leaders learn how to run more productive and profitable meetings (https://businessexpertsolutions.com/effective-meetings-workshop).

I have also established the ‘Ask A Business Expert’ community and resource hub (https://askabusinessexpert.com). This is a place where business leaders can get answers to their most important questions through articles and workshops.


After every engagement I provide business leaders with ongoing support to help them grow and make better decisions.

Because the reality is that I have spent a lot of time with them to understand their story and their organization. This means that I am in a great position to make suggestions about how to move forward in the future.

"...and services from industry experts."

Business is a team sport.

I always recommend that leaders get input from a variety of experts so they can then make the best possible decisions.

That is another reason why I have created the Ask A Business Expert community. So that when I don’t have the answer, then a business leader can find a reputable expert who does.


Now that you understand our value proposition, I hope that you get in touch if it aligns with your leadership needs and the needs of your organization.

Even if you don’t reach out, I do hope that you take action to grow yourself and your business.

  • Write your own one-sentence value proposition
  • Learn how to ask for help
  • Find the right expert to help you move your business forward
  • Get some exercise
  • Enjoy time with your family

Because when you grow as a leader and transform your business to be the best it can be, then we all win.

About Gordon Sheppard

Gordon Sheppard is an Organization Consultant, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Online Training Expert, Speaker, Author, and Podcaster. He helps business leaders get the information, advice, and inspiration they need to be successful. He is also the CEO of Business Expert Solutions Inc.