Online Course Creation: A Strategic Guide For Organizations

If you want to learn how to produce highly engaging online courses for your leaders, employees and customers, then this workshop is for you.

During this presentation, you’ll learn the 5-Step Online Course Creation System which will give you the knowledge and confidence to successfully produce online courses. You’ll also learn how to:

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The Online Course Creation 5-Step System

  • Step 1: Plan

    In the first step you’ll learn how to build an easy-to-follow ‘roadmap’ that will guide you through every step of the eLearning creation process.

  • Step 2: Prove

    In step 2 you’ll learn how to do a 30-day ‘Proof of Concept’ process. This approach will help you to validate your ‘big course’ goals by creating a bite-sized piece and showing it to real students who will then give you real feedback about whether or not your big online course idea is even needed.

  • Step 3: Promote

    Now you that you know your strategy and you have validated your full online course concept, it’s time begin your promotion plan. This includes developing a free marketing strategy, as well as laying out a plan for a paid digital marketing campaign. During step three you’ll learn the critical lesson about why you should begin marketing before you start to build your online course.

  • Step 4: Produce

    From outline to full curriculum development, slide deck creation to recording and more, during the fourth step you’ll get a full checklist of what you need to do to create a highly engaging online course.

  • Step 5: Perform

    Now that your course has been produced and it’s also being effectively promoted, it’s time to measure your results. So in step 5 you’ll learn how to measure success, as in, total sales $, number of students and more.

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Workshop Details

  • Number of Participants

    This workshop can done for group sizes ranging from 10 to 200 people, in small venues and at large conferences.

  • Workshop Duration

    It is recommended that you book a 1/2 day for this workshop, but it can also be customized to meet your needs.

  • Online Or In-Person

    This workshop can be delivered via Zoom, or in-person at your location, or as a breakout session at a conference.

  • Eligible For Professional Development Credits

    Many professionals who have completed this Workshop have received 2-3 hours of Professional Development Credits from their Association (APEGA, CPHR, AICPA, PMI etc.). So check with your Professional Association to see if this training is eligible.

  • Cost

    Cost can be billed per student, or based on a special flat rate per group. Get in touch for details.

Includes A 16-Page Workbook!

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This workbook contains practical tips, exercises and recommended resources that will help you successfully launch your next online course.


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