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Corporate Retreat Facilitator: 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Gord Sheppard

A well executed corporate retreat can not only grow your team’s skills, but it can also contribute to higher profitability for your company.

Corporate retreats have so many benefits including:

  • Giving senior leaders a chance to focus on the most strategic issues (because they are away from the office)
  • Helping teams to build higher levels of trust
  • Giving staff a chance to celebrate success and more

Corporate retreats are also a big investment of time and money. Because you have to pay for travel, accommodation, venue, and staff events.

You will also be taking staff out of their daily routines, which means that they’ll have a lot of emails to sort through when they return to work.

Given the high stakes, one of the best ways to optimize your next corporate retreat is to hire an experienced facilitator like Gord Sheppard.

Corporate Retreat Definition

A corporate retreat is a strategic, off-site event that is designed to help senior leaders and staff tackle their company’s most important issues.

It’s also an opportunity to build higher levels of communication, trust and innovative thinking for everyone involved, which will ultimately improve overall productivity and profitability for the company.

Corporate retreats can be done for a variety of reasons including strategic planning, new product and service innovation and more.

When they are done well, corporate retreats can fully inspire staff and fully align your team with the company’s most important goals.

The reason I say this is because I am a corporate retreat facilitator who gets great results for my clients.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

7 Reasons To Hire Gord Sheppard To Facilitate Your Corporate Retreat

Gord Sheppard is an experienced corporate meeting facilitator who can help you optimize your investment for the following reasons:

  1. Objective and Honest
  2. Ability To Manage Group Dynamics
  3. Well Prepared Agenda
  4. Excellent Time Management
  5. Conflict Resolutions Skills
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Detailed Follow-Up

Optimize Your Corporate Retreat With Gord Sheppard

If you want to get the most out of your team building, strategic planning or innovation session, then find out how Gord can help.

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1. Objective and Honest

Gord is an external facilitator who brings an unbiased, objective point of view to every engagement.

This means that he will say what needs to be said to help leaders and their teams move their most important issues forward.

Gord often says he is ‘not in the family’ which means that he won’t be influenced by the current culture of your company.

This allows him to be honest, bring a fresh perspective and build a high level of confidence with all of his clients.

The result?

Clients appreciate that Gord helps them to stay focussed and ultimately get the most out of their corporate retreat investment.

2. Ability To Manage Group Dynamics

Gord has the ability to get the most out of every type of person in the room.

For example, when Gord works with the ‘talkers’ he will help them to speak less and let other points of view be heard. For the introverts, Gord will encourage them to be brave and ensure that their valuable point of view is brought forward.

Overall, Gord is able to use his confidence and experience to challenge the status quo while he brings out the best from everyone who attends the retreat.

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3. Well Prepared Agenda

To get ready for a corporate retreat Gord does detailed research and works closely with his clients to prepare a highly detailed agenda.

Research may involve reviewing their strategic plan, pre-inteviewing key employees to get essetial information and anything else that will contribute to making the retreat successful.

Then he makes recommendations about how to divide the time and a prepare an agenda that optimizes every hour that the participants will be together.

He also makes recommendations for exercises, peer-to-peer opportunities and inspirational moments that will energize all participants and get them contributing at the highest possible level.

4. Excellent Time Management

Because of the high cost and huge opportunity you have to make every second of a corporate retreat count.

That’s why Gord Sheppard has worked hard to become a master of time management.

For example, let’s say that someone in your group liked to talk too much which could take the meeting off track.

If this happens, Gord will respectfully interrupt them and say “Thanks for making that point, but it isn’t relevant for our discussion right now. We’re going to put that idea in the ‘parking lot’ and come back and review it later”.

Gord is also aware of the reality that participants will need to check their phones and emails to stay in touch with work, so he builds in the right amount of time to enable them to do this.

Gord Sheppard - Meeting Facilitator, Corporate Retreat Facilitator, Leadership Coach

5. Conflict Resolution Skills

Gord is an expert at handling conflicts with confidence and empathy.

So when a passionate disagreement arises Gord will:

Take charge of the situation and make people feel confident that they will have a chance to speak

Then he will lay out the ground rules which are:

  • One person speaks at a time
  • Don’t yell
  • Make it about the issue and not about the person

Then Gord will productively facilitate the conversation and ensure that all points of view are addressed.

This skilled approach ultimately leads to the best possible resolution and allows the group to move on to the next item on the agenda.

6. Confidentiality

Gord keeps every engagement fully confidential. He will sign any Non-Disclosure Agreement and he also ensures that his own contract addresses confidentiality as well.

7. Detailed Follow-Up

After the corporate retreat Gord will provide a summary report and do a debrief with the client.

This ensures that no details were missed and that all the action items have been addressed so that the client and their team can get the most out of their event.

Gord Sheppard - Organizational Development Consultant, Meeting Facilitator, Leadership Coach - Business Expert Solutions


If you are looking for an experienced facilitator who can make your next corporate retreat a success, then get in touch with Gord.


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