Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing that involves revenue sharing where individuals are paid for driving sales of a product through their promotional efforts. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is when an individual, also called an ‘affiliate’, promotes another person’s or company’s products, and gets paid for this service. The affiliate has the freedom to choose a product they would like to promote and employ innovative means to drive sales of the product such that their earnings also multiply.

Many a time, affiliate marketers are loosely referred to as influencers and they often have a large followership on social media and other related platforms.  

Affiliate Marketing – Example

For example, a makeup brand releases a new lipstick. You can decide to help them promote this new product through your social media accounts to reach the right audience. You create an affiliate account with the brand and for every sale made through your promotion, you get paid a certain amount of the profit.

Top brands such as eBay and Amazon offer affiliate marketing through its associates program amongst others.