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We help business leaders build stronger organizations by providing expert information, training and advisory services.

What We Do

We are dedicated to helping business leaders make better decisions, so they can strengthen their organizations. We do this by providing expert business advice, training and information. Because we understand that business leaders are good at what they do, but they can’t know everything. So when they need expert help, they can get it here.

Business Expert Solutions - Consulting

Insightful Content

We produce insightful content that helps leaders to take action so they can grow their businesses. We do this on a variety of niche websites that you can check out by clicking this button.

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Training & Facilitation

We offer professional development workshops that can be delivered directly to your staff or at your next convention. We can also help you grow by facilitating highly productive sessions for strategic planning and innovation development. 

Business Expert Solutions - Gordon Sheppard

Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Gordon Sheppard is an honest Leadership Coach who can help you gain clarity and take action. He also offers proven Consulting solutions to help you with everything from strategic planning to communications improvement, conflict resolution and more.

Your Business Challenges

Does your business struggle with any of these problems? If so, we can help.

no future strategy

you hate paperwork

staff aren't properly trained

people are late for meetings

Employees Are Quitting

you don't like managing people

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Our Process

Understand your issue. Offer recommendations. Help you take action… That’s how we work.

Understand your issue

First we listen. Then we have open, honest conversations that will help you gain clarity about your business issue.

offer Recommendations

Once we understand what you want, we will make customized recommendations about how you can successfully move forward.

Help you Take Action

We offer expert Coaching, Consulting and Training services to help you put our recommendations into action.

"Gord has an uncanny gift of being able to read individuals and situations, while bringing out their best in a very short amount of time. He helped us to produce great results that are truly actionable."
Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop - Cynthia Annett
Cynthia Annett
Board Chair, Special Olympics Edmonton

Our Clients Include

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Our Publishing Work

We also publish in a variety of niche business areas to give leaders even more valuable information.

Ask A Business Expert offers a podcast packed with business experts, insightful articles, webinars and more to help you get inspired and take action!

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