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Business Expert Solutions helps executives, owners and managers transform themselves and their organizations by providing expert Leadership Coaching, Facilitation, Training and Organization Development services.

What We Do

Gordon Sheppard is dedicated to helping business leaders make better decisions so they can strengthen themselves and their organizations.

He does this by providing expert Leadership Coaching, Facilitation, Corporate Training and Organization Development Consulting services.

Because he understands that business leaders are good at what they do, but they can’t know everything. So when they need expert help, they can get it from Gord and his colleagues.

"Gord has an uncanny gift of being able to read individuals and situations, while bringing out their best in a very short amount of time. He helped us to produce great results that are truly actionable."
Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop - Cynthia Annett
Cynthia Annett
Board Chair, Special Olympics Edmonton

Our Services

Business Expert Solutions - Gordon Sheppard

Leadership Coaching

Gord helps executives, owners and managers to perform at their best. He does this through 1 x 1 and group Leadership Coaching sessions during which he asks insightful questions and offers practical guidance.

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Facilitation & Training

Gord is a highly experienced Meeting Facilitator and Corporate Trainer who can help you have more productive meetings and learn essential skills. From strategic planning sessions to helping you learn conflict management, communication, time management and more, Gord can help.

Gordon Sheppard - Organization Consultant, Leadership Coach, Organization Development Consultant - Business Expert Solutions

Organization Development

Gordon Sheppard is an experienced Organization Development Consultant who can help you grow your business. From process improvement to changing your company culture for the better, Gord has the answers.

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Our Process

Understand your issue

First Gord listens. Then he asks relevant, honest questions to truly understand your business issues.

offer Recommendations

Once Gord understands what you want, he makes customized recommendations to help you move forward successfully.

Help you Take Action

Gord offers expert Coaching, Facilitation and Organization Development Consulting services to help you get the inspiration and information you need to take action.

“Working with Gord radically changed how I view my business and these changes are already leading to new growth for my company."
Alex Armstrong - Testimonial - Gordon Sheppard
Alex Armstrong
Owner, Three Tall Women


How To Build An Effective Organization Plan

This workshop is for senior leaders who want a practical organization plan that will help them get real results. It covers all organizational aspects from Strategy to Workplan Development, People to Operations and more.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop

Should your last meeting have been an email instead of a meeting? This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn a proven 10-step system to help them immediately improve their meetings.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Executive Alignment Workshop

This workshop is for Executives and Emerging Leaders who want to break silos, improve communication and optimize their entire organization.

Customized Workshops

We are able to deliver training on a wide variety of topics from Conflict Management to helping you learn how to build a Strategic Plan.

Our Clients Include


"We are sincerely grateful for taking us on this journey to figuring out who we WANT to be and HOW we are going to get there! The most important takeaway thus far has been to simplify the short term to achieve some wins and gain momentum! You have a gift for stripping away the noise and just getting to the point of the WHY. Thank You Gord!"
Business Expert Solutions - Holly Pshyk
Holly Pshyk
Director of Marketing & Donor Services, Jerry Forbes Centre

The Meeting Leadership Solution

This book will help you improve your meetings FAST!

Unproductive meetings are bad for business.

The Meeting Leadership Solution delivers a proven 10-step system to help Professionals take action to make their meetings more productive and profitable. These steps include:

  1. Becoming more self aware so you can take control of how you act during a meeting.
  2. Get Real With Your Team and find practical ways to deepen trust.
  3. Know your Total Meeting Cost so you don’t waste a single second.
  4. Get a Great Facilitator so you can have a productive meeting
  5. Link The Meeting To Your Organization Strategy
  6. Build a Blockbuster AGENDA that people actually want to read!
  7. Meet In The Right Space
  8. Get Awesome Meeting Resources
  9. Follow Up FAST and create accountability
  10. Take Action and get inspired so you can transform your meetings into a competitive advantage!
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Written by Gordon Sheppard, a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Organization Consultant who has run and participated in more than 2,000 meetings!

This book is for all leaders including CEOs, Executive Directors, Board Members, Engineers, Project Managers, Doctors and anyone who wants to have better meetings.

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